Why We're Different?


What makes Peak Performance different from others?

As one of the most experienced and highly trained Physical Therapy and Wellness provider organizations in the Los Angeles area, we are able to deliver high quality patient care efficiently and cost effectively, with better outcomes and greater overall patient satisfaction.

Peak Performance expert clinicians treat patients with more complex conditions, have advanced diagnostic skills, and provide more effective clinical outcomes to manage patients more efficiently.

When getting back to your life is priority – it’s time to see the experts at Peak Performance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

After ACL surgery, I was referred to Peak Performance by my orthopedic surgeon. Excellent treatment which eventually allowed me to resume all activities with no Restrictions. They combined multiple treatments , wrapping and exercise to give me full mobility. I have recommended Peak Performance many times. This place is the Cadillac of PTs!SC
I love Peak Performance! I'm currently in rehab for a broken ankle and foot. They are true miracle workers. They are comprehensive, thoughtful, and truly caring about my healing. There is no better place in LA!Helen

About Peak Peformance

About Peak Performance

The Peak Performance team of experts pairs the most recent scientific advances with proven effective techniques to get you back to your level of “peak performance”. We get to know “you” in depth, your goals, how your body specifically works (and doesn’t work), and what interventions need to be done to make it function in a pain-free, optimally performing manner. We consistently earn accolades from our patients and referral sources for our intensive approach to treatment, returning clients to function and athletes to sport in fewer visits than required elsewhere, and at a higher level of function than they thought possible.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I've had chronic neck and back problems for years. I had been going to a different PT place in Santa Monica with limited results. I'm been very impressed with what Peak Performance has done to help. Additionally built up my home program so I had the tools to keep my injuries in check. I would recommend them to anyone.Adam
I have a fractured bone on my left foot and 5 torn ligaments with in my ankle, after two weeks of therapy (2 days a week) I have been able to flex, stand and walk with out my brace. I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone even my family.Mike


Peak Performance has earned a reputation for providing exceptional muscoloskeletal rehabilitation services.

An in-depth evaluation guides client-specific treatment of orthopedic musculoskeletal conditions. Treatment often consists of manual therapy to restore joint or soft tissue mobility, skilled therapeutic exercise prescription specific to the stage of healing and client abilities, (No “Back, Knee or Shoulder Exercise” handouts here! All exercises are developed specifically for you according to your presentation on that day.), neuromuscular re-education to engage the nervous system in learning control of optimal movement, and modalities such as taping, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser or iontophoresis to promote soft tissue healing and help support the manual therapy and exercise interventions, as deemed necessary by your therapist.

Our treatment approach is based on the understanding of the relationship of the hip and back in function and the differences in musculoskeletal structure and function of the female body. Recent scientific advances have shown that women (and girls) move differently than men and are vulnerable to different types of injury. We utilize the latest scientific information and an in-depth analysis of the problem, including the stage of life, to guide female-specific treatment.

Our therapists undergo extensive training and aggressively pursue the latest scientific information to bring unparalleled expertise to the area of sports injury management. We utilize an extensive evaluation of biomechanics, movement analysis and tissue function to bring together a program specific to the athlete, their sport and their goals. We advocate and help facilitate a team approach which includes the athlete, doctor, coach, parent, trainer, PT and any others involved in the athlete’s care.
Our goal is to return the athlete to their sport a more capable performer than when they were injured, with improved movement patterns and an understanding of their own biomechanics that leaves them able to make greater advances in their performance than prior to injury.
Our athletes are constantly amazed that despite being away from the sport with an injury, they were able to return with increased first step quickness, improved agility and lateral stability, more explosive movement and improved top speed. Coaches are relieved to find that their athletes come back at the appropriate time, often before anticipated and without having lost ground due to their injury and ready to jump back into their training with minimal to no limitation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

After injuring my back in a car accident, I started going to Peak Performance to get some relief. My PT was super sweet, super knowledgeable, and an awesome physical therapist. The facility is clean and nice. The staff is friendly. The PT's know their stuff. They helped my big time.Victoria
Hmm, what do I say about a place that has given my aching body so much relief? Well, I adore Peak Performance. So awesome, so skilled, so experienced at helping people with such an easy going manner. Don't waste your time elsewhere Peak are the bestest.Maureen

Our Team

Shannon Collins


Shannon has over 25 years of experience treating athletes both on the field and in returning them to their sport, getting performers back on stage and returning those with musculoskeletal injuries back to pain-free function quickly, efficiently and with less downtime than they expected. She completed the Manual Therapy exams of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in 1991 to become a Certified Manual Physical Therapist. Shannon migrated to California in 1994 and began Peak Performance in 1998. She became a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2001. Her Career has included teaching athletic training courses in Canada and orthopedic and pathology courses in Physical Therapy at Mount St. Mary’s College, and more recently, mentoring. Shannon enjoys working with her daughters’ sports teams, learning new things, working out, and family time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My daughter injured her knee in soccer. The team at Peak gave her therapy to heal and within two weeks she was back on the field. They also created a work out program to help her prevent foreseeable injuries. After a month she is feeling stronger and more confident than ever! Shannon and Team at Peak "Your the Best!" Thanks.Ellen
I'm back to golfing 18 holes. Thank you.TM



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